Macrophage - the new miracle cell? How white blood cells help maintain a healthy heart beat

Check out how a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School uncovered the unlikely role that cardiac macrophages play in facilitating electrical conduction in the heart!

Analyzing your Equivital physiological data - a simple guide

Get the most out of your Equivital physiological data using LabChart’s Analysis Modules and the Data Pad tool!

What your nose really knows: How autism affects your ability to sense social smells

A recent paper published in Nature Neuroscience suggests that the sense of smell may play a central role in the inability of individuals with autism to read social cues.

Take your research anywhere with the Equivital wireless physiological monitoring system!

Learn how to use the Equivital wireless physiological monitoring system. Now compatible with LabChart, the latest live streaming and data logging functions will allow you to take your research anywhere!

Broken heart? Cardiac regeneration 'Therepi' might just be your savior

This recent advance in cardiac regenerative therapy will really get your heart pumping!

A night at the opera - The science behind Pavarotti's projection

Research looking at the respiratory patterns and acoustic output of opera singers shows how the projection of a singer's voice is influenced by breath support.

Building a better Bio Amp: Reduced Noise and New Filter Settings for ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG recording.

Our newest galvanically isolated, high-performance differential biological potential amplifiers are optimized for measuring a variety of biological signals such as ECG/EKG, EMG, EEG, and EOG.

How to record an accurate 12-lead ECG for your research, from set-up to signals.

How to set up your equipment and perform a12-lead ECG to ensure clean signals for your cardiovascular and physiology research, using the Octal Bio Amp, PowerLab, and LabChart.

New Release: LabChart 8.1.12 - Introducing our new Macro Library!

The latest version of LabChart has been launched, which includes the new (and incredibly handy) Macro Library, as well as optimizations for data accuracy and support features for our Biological Amplifiers.

Helping with matters of the (isolated) heart: Simplicity & flexibility for cardiovascular and pharmacology research

Using isolated heart systems? So many variations, so many accessories, too many options! To help, we are pleased to present our updated Isolated Heart Research Kits and Foundation Systems.

World Alzheimer's Month: Ten years younger - How exercise turns back the clock on your aging brain

Professor Damian Bailey's research shows how a deeper understanding of oxygen transport offers hope for age-related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.

Publishing Research: How to successfully share your scientific research with the world!

Expert tips for communicating science. An exclusive seminar with award-winning scientific publisher, tech entrepreneur, and co-founder of Cosmos Magazine, Kylie Ahern.

5 easy tips for connecting your scientific research with the public.

You've spent years on your scientific research and made some amazing how do you connect these with the people who need to know about it – the public?