Getting to the heart of the problem: Understanding the causes of cardiac hypertrophy

Min Zi, a cardiovascular researcher from the University of Manchester, uses PV Loop and hemodynamic analyses to investigate the molecular processes that lead to the development of cardiac hypertrophy to uncover new and effective treatments for the disease.

The 17th Annual Delsys Prize Winner: Ms. Shriya Srinivasan

Congratulations to Shriya Srinivasan, winner of the 2019 Delsys Prize for Innovation in Electromyography!

12 pro tips for Langendorff technique

Essential tips and practical advice from isolated heart expert Dr. Melanie White, for Langendorff heart and perfusion. Covers animal care, heparin, contractility, and more.

Keeping Cardiovascular Researchers in the Loop: Why studying pressure-volume loops could be useful for you...

Find out why you should consider studying ventricular pressure-volume (PV) loops - the gold standard for measuring direct, real-time cardiac function - as part of your cardiovascular research.

Have your chocolate and eat it this Halloween! How resistance training alleviates harmful effects caused by a high-fat diet

A recent study has shown that moderate-intensity resistance training can prevent adverse cardiovascular changes caused by a high-fat diet.

Langendorff vs. Working Heart Perfusion - What’s the difference?

Here we discuss the differences between Langendorff and Working Heart perfusion models so you can decide which is the best technique for you!

Never miss a beat - A complete system for Langendorff research

Enhance your cardiovascular research with an ADInstruments Langendorff System - the perfect solution for measuring inotropic and chronotropic effects in isolation.

Research highlight: Dissecting the diabetic heart using Langendorff and Proteomics

We talk to cardiovascular researcher, Dr. Melanie White about how she uses Langendorff perfusion and Proteomics to understand the physiology of the diabetic heart.

Best practices for setting-up an isolated Langendorff heart preparation

Dr. Melanie White, cardiovascular researcher from the University of Sydney, shares her expert advice on best practices and key considerations when performing a Langendorff isolated heart experiment.

Choosing the right perfusate for your isolated Langendorff heart preparation

Dr. Melanie White, cardiovascular researcher at the University of Sydney shares her expert knowledge on choosing the appropriate perfusate system, whether that be crystalloid, whole blood or erythrocyte, when performing an isolated heart experiment.

Watch webinar: An introduction to isolated Langendorff heart - Experimental considerations and best practices

In this free on-demand webinar Dr. Melanie White, Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow from the University of Sydney, provides a practical and comprehensive introduction to isolated Langendorff heart studies.

Three benefits of isolated organ research

What is isolated organ research - and why should you be doing it? Check out three key reasons why isolated organ research may be of benefit in your research lab!

Key considerations when performing an isolated perfused rodent liver experiment

A brief guide covering perfusate type, pressure, flow and oxygenation rates for maintaining hepatic function (in-vitro) in an isolated perfused rodent liver experiment.