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We're continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updated content to Lt. Here are our latest releases.

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June 10 2020

Content Software

We are continuously improving features, fixing bugs and releasing updates to Lt

Here is a summary of what got shipped this month.

Content Library

  • You can now find the content that suits your course even faster! By searching the Lt Content Library using module/lesson names & keywords


  • All student work can be graded in Lt

  • Administrators can choose to allow students to download a PDF of their report

  • Administrators can choose to allow students to submit a PDF of their report by email

  • Student workflows stay the same as they were with the previous grading modes (unless you change the settings)

  • Lesson report settings in existing courses will be updated to match the features of their previous grading mode. 

  • Courses that previously used kuraCloud Grading will have their settings preserved

  • Improved our database load times, large courses and lessons will feel even faster to Educators and Students

  • For our European Educators, we’ve now added support for semicolons when using CSV files to import lists of students

June 9 2020

We are continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updates to Lt daily.

Here's what got released this month.

Introducing the Lt Content Import Library!

  • Accessed from the Course menu, users can now browse and import over 400 interactive and fully-customizable life science lessons & labs

Student Licence Count

  • Instance Administrators can now use the instance dashboard to monitor the number of active students across the instance

Student Homepage updates

  • Updated the styling of the student homepage to include information about lesson availability
  • Students can now see their recently accessed lessons at the top of the student home page

Improved Publishing Workflow

  • Simplified the lesson and module publishing workflow by giving users the option of automatically making the lessons or modules immediately available

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Improved the search feature to make this more helpful when a search returns no results
  • Styling and contrast changes to the student list view to enhance accessibility
  • Fixed a bug where availability shows up as undefined in the published lesson card if access within a minute of a refresh
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the Lt logo on some devices
  • Added a new course setting to more easily control student access to Example Data 
  • Updated the emails that get sent to new users
  • Added translated lessons and modules to the Content Import Library 

(Deutsch (de-DE) 

Español (es-LA) 

Français (fr-FR)

Português (pt-BR))

  • Graders can now choose to grade questions that were not set up for grading at authoring time. These questions will be togglable hidden or shown in the grading interface via a checkbox.
  • IE 11 Support will be dropped on July 31st 2020 (for more information, go here)
  • Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Previous Releases

Previous Releases


Timaru – 4th  November 2019

kuraCloud Timaru is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The technical stuff

  • Improvement to Canvas Integration
  • Various bugfixes

Seacliff 30th September

Seacliff – 30th  September 2019

kuraCloud Seacliff is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Better sorting. Sort students by "Given Name" and "Family Name" in the Student Accounts card.
  • Better searching. Search in all entered student fields in the Student Accounts card.

The small stuff

  • Moved Get Student Emails button to the main drop-down menu in the student accounts card.
  • Navigation from the Enter License screen to the Lesson screen for users in unlicensed access periods

The technical stuff

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts in text fields in lessons. The undo/redo functionality is now available.
  • Updated our databases to prepare for upcoming features.

Rotorua - 9th September

Rotorua – 9th  September 2019

kuraCloud Rotorua is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Added grace periods for institutions using scratchcard access codes. Students can get 21 days unrestricted access before an access code is required.

The technical stuff

  • Fixed issue where users could not accept the Terms and Conditions under certain circumstances.


Queenstown – 19th  August 2019

kuraCloud Queenstown is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • New look. We’ve made some small visual changes to the look and feel of our Lt login page and emails. These changes won’t affect your Lt access or experience.

The small stuff

  • Rectangle hotspots. If you don’t need a custom shape you can now set up your Hotspot Panel quicker and easier with rectangular hotspot regions!

Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers – 22nd  July 2019

kuraCloud Port Chalmers is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The technical stuff

  • Improved PDF generation. Our PDF generation is now quicker and even more reliable for students on mobile devices, and for students emailing a report to a grader.
  • Performance improvements. Lessons load faster! This is part of our ongoing mission to get students into their lessons quicker so they can start learning as soon as possible.
  • Canvas integration. Lt now supports workflows where the login IDs for Canvas accounts are not emails. For example, for institutions that require students to login to Canvas using a student ID, Lt will fallback to using the default email address associated with the account.