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Expand and deepen your knowledge of data acquisition and analysis with LabChart 8 through our online training course.


An ideal resource for those wishing to learn in their own time and pace, or looking for an option to train lab staff when social distancing is in place. This course is an online version of our 2-day in person training option via our own active learning educational platform, Lt. Course content includes:

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  • Filtering and smoothing
  • Using Chart, Scope and Spectrum Views
  • Advanced analysis features, such as Macros and Arithmetic
  • Training on each of the LabChart Pro advanced modules

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  • Video-directed exercises with demo files
  • Interactive questions and answers

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Show releases for:

LabChart 8.1.7 and 8.1.8 (Windows)


  • Fixed an issue where some views couldn’t be copy-and-pasted into other applications.
  • Stimulator interval can now be specified in milliseconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the input amplifier dialog would reset its scale to default after any setting was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Pad’s channel value calculations were sometimes out by a constant factor. This could happen when making selections in the Scope view and a background page had been specified.
  • Fixed issue where Bioamp Dialog could display combinations of Low pass and High pass filter settings that were not supported by the hardware.
  • Updated Trigger help to mention limitations of Stimulator event triggers
  • When deleting data in the Chart View, there is now an option to set the start of the block time to 0.
  • Fixed issue where DataPad calculations in columns beyond 'BL' would display 'Calculating...' indefinitely and not display a result.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the display of the LabChart Logo in Welcome Centre
  • Added a new CopyEx macro command which has an option to suppress the convert to text dialog, making it easier to automate exporting data from LabChart via macros.
  • Update Stimulator help FAQ to mention using Interval instead of Max Repeat Rate
  • Fixed error message that would occur when importing macros from files saved with LabChart 8.1 or later.
  • Minor fixes to wording in Japanese and Chinese translated versions of LabChart
  • Fixed an issue where the SetCommentText macro command renames the incorrect comment.
  • Improved the macro commands for adding new comments: the constant kAllChannels can now be used for the channel index parameter to add a comment across all channels.
  • Fixed an occasional usability issue issue when attempting to relocate the marker..
  • Fixed an issue where the right pane of the Welcome Centre would sometimes open a different folder than the user had clicked.
  • Fixed right-clicking to add a comment in the Zoom View.
  • You can now set the number of decimal places from the Spectrum channel calculation dialog.
  • Calculated channel data is now correctly shown if present when sampling in the Arithmetic or Cyclic Measurements calculation dialogs.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the marker home while sampling could result in issues with the display of data or the graticule..

LabChart 8.0.4 (Windows)


  • Improvements have been made to the layout of dialogs for enhanced readability in Chinese and Japanese versions of LabChart.
  • Files saved from LabChart 8.0.4 correctly preserve input amplifier settings when opened under LabChart 7 (v7.3 or later).

Channel Settings Dialog

The channel colors displayed in the Channel Settings dialog now always match the colors of the actual drawn data.


  • Improved behavior while waiting for devices to finish producing data after user clicks the stop sampling button.
  • Synchronization between multiple sampling devices has been improved for multi-rate sampling when rates are greater than 1000 Hz.


  • Improved reliability when importing macros containing custom shortcut key assignments
  • The Extras folder (which is located in LabChart's installation location) now includes an example VBScript file showing how supported LabChart events can be handled from an external script.

Scope View

Improved reliability when a file is opened that has a Scope event source, when the module that previously provided the event source (such as Peak Analysis) is no longer present.

LabChart 8.0.8 (Windows)


  • Users can now edit or setup a new units conversion in the Units Conversion dialog without a PowerLab connected in Analysis mode.
  • Improved stability when opening the Input Amplifier for the FE141 Spirometer when it is connected to a PowerLab input 5 or higher.
  • Improved behavior to ensure GLP documents can be opened and saved correctly.
  • Improved the behavior and display of the sampling buttons in the PV Loop workflow.
  • Improved stability when error messages are triggered.
  • Improved consistency of channel information icons when another document is sampling.
  • Reading text files with empty data columns now fills those columns with zeroes rather than the value 1.024.

Welcome Center

Welcome Center folders are no longer shown when all of their files are explicitly hidden in labels.ini (for example, Instructors Reference folders in the LabChart Experiments).

Data Pad

  • Improved Data Pad Plots Quadratic fit to ensure correct results are consistently produced.
  • Improved stability when the Data Pad Median function is applied to a channel containing no data.
  • Adding to Data Pad no longer causes a Document Write error on attempting to save the document under certain conditions.

Channel Calculations

  • The Cyclic Measurements "Customize" dialog is now prevented from being opened repetitively in an infinite loop by Timed Add to Data Pad.
  • Improved reliability of error reporting to ensure false errors are not triggered by Arithmetic about an "incompatible source" when using a channel containing event data as a source to an expression expecting event data.

Chart and Scope View

  • Clicking and dragging a selection in the Chart or Scope Views now correctly updates the time and recorded values at the cursor position as the selection is being made.
  • The "Units" button in the Input Amplifier dialog in the LabChart Chart View channel calculations menu now correctly sets a unit conversion in the Chart View as well as in the Input Amplifier preview.
  • Improved the behavior of selections in both Chart and Scope View when the mouse buttons are swapped over (in Control Panel Mouse Options).


  • Bio Amps now correctly show a 60 Hz notch filter option (rather than 50 Hz) in the Input Amplifier in countries using a 60 Hz mains frequency.
  • Improved stability after the number of channels in a document is changed while another document is sampling.

Preset Comments

Preset Comments now show the correct #W pulse width in a comment for custom user profiles.

LabChart 8.1.0 (Windows)


  • LabChart for Windows now supports various Operating System scaling levels. To allow this, there have various graphics and layout improvements to improve usability at high scaling levels.
  • The LabChart file format has been updated. As such, .adicht and .adiset files created with LabChart 8.1 cannot be opened in previous versions of the software.
  • Improved synchronization of LCC Hardware option devices with PowerLabs or other LCC Hardware option devices.
  • Improved device discovery when multiple LCC devices of the same type are connected.
  • The stimulator dialog now consistently reflects the state of the stimulator when in differential mode.
  • Units Conversion is now available when PlaybackFile is the only sampling device installed.

Channel Settings Dialog

Channel units can now be changed via the Input Amplifier dialog opened from the Channel Settings dialog.

Channel Calculations

Cyclic Measurements event channel calculations now consistently draw out to the last event while sampling.

Chart and Scope View

  • It is now possible to print the LabChart Selection from the Chart and Scope views.
  • Scope View in Event mode now displays the latest event while sampling.

Data Pad

  • Improved the printing of Data Pad Plots.
  • Improved stability of Add to Data Pad (for example from Peak Analysis Table View), particularly for non-numeric data.


  • When exporting the current selection, Export MATLAB now generates readable .mat files when the channels to export are modified in the options dialog.
  • ‘Current Selection’ is now being preserved when using the suppressOptionsDialog option with the scripting Doc.SaveAs () method for MATLAB exports.
  • Export MATLAB now uses the currently selected channels when exporting the selection unless the user explicitly overrode those by using the dialog.

LabChart 8.1.2 (Mac)

New Features

LabChart 8.1.2 (Mac) now includes Preset Comments, one of LabChart’s most vital features for streamlining your laboratory procedure. Utilizing present comments, investigators can designate comments to be automatically entered for annotation of data. The comments can be initialized by keyboard shortcuts, digital inputs on the rear of some PowerLab models, the external trigger of a PowerLab, and the initiation of a LabChart stimulator protocol. Users can save time in typing each comment required for annotation, ensure accuracy in timing, and find more confidence in their results by utilizing this feature.


  • General user interface and stability improvements.
  • Improved stability of modules when analyzing while sampling.

Chart and Scope View

  • Improved responsiveness of the Movie View marker.
  • Reinstated the ability to make a selection when sampling.
  • Reinstated Scope macro commands.


Reinstated the ability to selectively import channels from EDF files.

LabChart 8.1.6 (Windows)


  • Added support for new generation Octal and Quad Bioamps.
  • Added ‘synchrony’ arithmetic expression for showing synchronization between two event channels.
  • Fixed a bug where arithmetic expressions using another channel’s raw data weren’t always being loaded properly from settings files.
  • Added arithmetic expression for spectral coherence with a false color chart view mode.
  • Fixed a bug where data block popup information wasn’t being saved.
  • Fixed a bug where the top row of the data pad may show an value from a previous selection of the data.
  • Fixed a bug where Zeroing and DC Restore actions for a bioamp would be saved in a settings files and actioned when opening an input amplifier dialog.
  • Added support for exporting selected raw channels as LabChart files.