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Expand and deepen your knowledge of data acquisition and analysis with LabChart 8 through our online training course.


An ideal resource for those wishing to learn in their own time and pace, or looking for an option to train lab staff when social distancing is in place. This course is an online version of our 2-day in person training option via our own active learning educational platform, Lt. Course content includes:

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  • Using Chart, Scope and Spectrum Views
  • Advanced analysis features, such as Macros and Arithmetic
  • Training on each of the LabChart Pro advanced modules

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Show releases for:

LabChart 8.0.6 (Mac)


LabChart for Mac now correctly applies custom channel names when opening a LabChart settings file.

Channel Calculations

  • Improved the performance for large files using complex Channel Calculations on the Mac.
  • Improved the accuracy of the Spectral Edge Frequency Data Pad and Channel Calculations.
  • Improved reliability when sampling many short blocks using event related Channel Calculations.

Chart and Scope View

  • Improved the behavior when renaming Scope pages on Mac.
  • Chart View now displays sampling speed and gain ranges when the mouse is over the right-hand parameters region.
  • The maximum allowed time compression for the Chart and Scope Views has been increased to 500k:1.
  • Saving as ADIDAT now supports saving the Chart View selection range. This is the same behavior as Saving as ADICHT.
  • Improved reliability when using Multiple Add to Data Pad to add data using comments on an averaged page in Scope View.


  • Improved behavior to disallow opening Sampling Dialog in Analysis Mode.
  • Improved reliability to ensure the Disk Buffer Recovery process recovers all available data after a power failure while sampling.
  • Improved behavior when the default Stimulator settings are used to ensure the Stimulator starts at the start of each new block in repetitive fixed duration sampling mode.

LabChart 8.0.10 (Windows)


  • LabChart is now fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • Improved the Chart View behavior to ensure the Range Menu is enabled in the new channels when they are added from a second device in the Devices and Channels Dialog.

LabChart 8.1.1 (Windows)


  • Improved support for users who are running LabChart with guest or network-based Windows user accounts.
  • Improved Activation behavior when LabChart is run on a machine having two or more hardware network devices.
  • Saving the selection from a GLP signed document is more robust.

Chart and Scope View

  • Channels in the Chart View are no longer sometimes drawn blank after comments are added while sampling.
  • Improved behavior when deleting pages from the Scope view if the Chart view is closed.

LabChart 8.1.4 (Windows)


Added support for Equivital 02 LifeMonitor. To record from Equivital 02 LifeMonitor devices, the Equivital LifeMonitor Device Enabler must also be installed.

The Equivital 02 LifeMonitor streams data directly to LabChart, and supports ECG, Respiration, Temperature and XYZ Accelerometry signals recorded from Human subjects. The device can also capture GSR, SP02, Core Temperature, Skin patch temperature with supported ancillary devices.


The LabChart installer now includes the latest version (1.0.2) of SimpleFileSDK. This version works with LabChart data files created with LabChart 8.1 or later.

LabChart 8.1.7 and 8.1.8 (Mac)


  • Fixed an issue where some views couldn’t be copy-and-pasted into other applications.
  • Stimulator interval can now be specified in milliseconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the input amplifier dialog would reset its scale to default after any setting was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Pad’s channel value calculations were sometimes out by a constant factor. This could happen when making selections in the Scope view and a background page had been specified.
  • Fixed issue where Bioamp Dialog could display combinations of Low pass and High pass filter settings that were not supported by the hardware.

LabChart 8.0.5 (Windows)

  • Improved behavior to ensure LabChart always exits cleanly.
  • The Display Settings dialog now includes a Help button.
  • DVM windows now update to show the correct value even when the corresponding channel has been collapsed (hidden).

LabChart 8.0.9 (Windows)


  • Improved Arithmetic's handling of certain expressions that make use of event channels (such as when the output of Cyclic Measurements is used).
  • Improved the reliability of LCC devices during repetitive sampling.
  • Added improvements to support the Delsys Trigno Wireless system.

Channel Settings Dialog

The Units Conversion dialog options are now always enabled as appropriate when accessed from the Channel settings dialog.


The ManualStimulatorPulse example Macro has been removed from the Manage Macros dialog.


Corrected the Data Pad column headings for Comment Time and Full Comment Text in the Japanese version of LabChart.

LabChart 8.1.0 (Mac)


  • The LabChart file format has been updated. As such, .adicht and .adiset files created with LabChart 8.1 cannot be opened in previous versions of the software.
  • Improved drawing of check boxes in the Input Amplifier dialog.
  • When importing text files in LabChart for Mac, it is now possible for the user to specify a value for the default sampling rate.
  • Improved performance when opening files without PowerLabs attached.

Channel Calculations

  • Cyclic Measurements event channel calculations now consistently draw out to the last event while sampling.
  • Improved scrolling performance in channel calculations.


‘Use simple format’ can now be used in Export MATLAB.

LabChart 8.1.3 (Mac)


Users can now specify very narrow stimulator pulses.

Data Pad

Various improvements have been made to editing formulae and entering data in the Data Pad.

Welcome Center

Improvements have been made to the Welcome Centre functionality to better support the Experiments folder.

LabChart 8.1.6 (Mac)


  • Added support for new generation Octal and Quad Bioamps.
  • Added ‘synchrony’ arithmetic expression for showing synchronization between two event channels.
  • Fixed a bug where arithmetic expressions using another channel’s raw data weren’t always being loaded properly from settings files.